I'm an artist, and an engineering student from India. I'll be posting art tutorials and engineering graphics tutorials on this channel!

People's NDE Testimonies To Hell & Back

Hey Names Myos, sometimes called Mayo, i love weird combinations of food hence the name. ll Hobbyist Artist l F l 20 ⇛My other Social Media sites⇚ ➽https://twitter.com/MayoonRiceshttps://www.instagram.com/mayoonrices/https://mayoonrices.tumblr.com/

I talk about and share various information on animation, manga, video games and other things I find interesting. Along with censorship of various creative media. About me personally I obviously love various Japanese media along with western video games, comics, cartoon and the like. I like seeing indie projects of all different kinds. I am also an artist and like to engage with philosophy, though I'm not the best haha. Feel free to DM me to chat <3

I post up my animations here on Minds but, I usually post other Minds artist here aswell. Make sure to subscribe to them if you're into their art. Any type of support helps em out. ETH: 0x484e2E6D37f2b7E4dE795e47d30D8bF4D6475aB6 Send your ERC-20's here to support me!

Dec 2019
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