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learning to photograph the things i love

I'm consciousness temporally having human experience. Passionate about everything that will set us free...

I like to draw&design stuff -On this blog- You can expect Creature and Character Art 馃悏

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Here to enjoy the freedom of speech. Meet like minded people. Hopefully learn together. Be a team willing to be the best they can, remembering to laugh, who welcomes spiritual growth. Please up vote, subscribe, share & donations are nice too! I will do the same. I am grateful to be able to work together to build something We Believe In Just here to bring thought, laughter & light in a world that oftentimes focuses too much on the dark. Supportive #Minds @JamestheJust @ImNotChrisButIfIWas @SeanL3prechaun @DividedBeing @ErinDrops @SeMaGoD @RedDragonLS @JamesN @Anouchkaya @freehumanbeing @Ronaldmanhood @giedrizimus @Polititiansarecancer @UndercoverAngel @scottcbusiness Ps: ThankyoU 4or 馃悵ing yoU! 鉁&馃挌

Natalie | Artist | RealMAGICK
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Artist 鈥 Painter 鈥 Marbling 鈥 Mixed media 鉁ˋll artworks posted are my original handmade creations.鉁 Please message for any commission artwork requests. Please subscribe to my artistic journey & thanks for the support 鈥煈佲

Snarf 馃懢
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26 || he drinking a Purple Flurp

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Feb 2019
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