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Aspiring Fantasy Author | World-Builder | Video Enthusiast | Chronically Sleep Deprived
#1 Bestseller in US, UK, CA and AU - Available on Kindle Unlimited - Jim & Martha: A Novel on Eco Living
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Author of Battle Games and Vaxdemic. I occasionally do book reviews, and make random videos. I'm trying to find my groove in making more, better, and consistent content.
J.L. Pattison has been called “A 21st Century Rod Serling.” He's the author of three speculative fiction books, earning two Libertarian writing awards and garnering favorable comparisons to M. Night Shyamalan and Ray Bradbury. He also writes non-fiction for such publications as Liberation Day, Predict, Koinonia, The Startup, The Writer’s Sanctuary, and The Writing Cooperative. His articles have also been featured at Mere Liberty, Doorway Publishing, and on Wretched TV. Find out more at
My name is Rob Bignell. I’m an affordable, professional editor who runs Inventing Reality Editing Service, which meets the manuscript needs of writers both new and published. I also offer a variety of self-publishing services. During the past decade, I’ve helped more than 300 novelists and nonfiction authors obtain their publishing dreams at reasonable prices. I'm also the author of the "7 Minutes a Day..." writing guidebooks, four nonfiction hiking guidebook series, and the literary novel "Windmill." Several of my short stories in the literary and science fiction genres also have been published.
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Pro 1st and 2nd amendments, well pro bill of rights really. Pro individual liberty and responsibility. Pro humor, sarcasm and nice pictures. Ex Navy. Anti group think because no individual is a demographic. Pro USA. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good. We have come a long way and will continue to improve. I like to argue. Having to defend my presumed position forces me to examine what I think I believe. It tickles my brain. If you don't want to argue, then don't respond, I will not hound you.
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what the heck is goin' on? nobody's ever seen anything like it! ——- whatever ‘it’ may or may not be, eh?
Feb 2019
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