Your Cyberpunk Rockerboy. MMA Fighter | Singer | Writer I'm writing a Comic Book called: Crane City's Gargoyle. Coming very soon!. Read my comic "Street Lights" here: https://www.arkhaven.com/comics/sports/street-lights I ramble about Comics and Pop Culture on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmPCiUKzfoA_GCoFAeOnvQw Former Game Journalist. My Journal about Covid life in Australia -https://mineya.substack.com I sometimes stream at http://www.glimesh.tv/manne
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it’s been said that i’m a wannabe pop fic author with with jealousy issues… #ChingonaForLife#AmWriting | #UltraViolentHeart

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#Author of the #Unseenseries. I write Teen/NA Paranormal, Urban-Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, Romance. My passion is to be a #Storyweaver. You can find my work(s) on kathylynncross.com. I'm not here to spam but to connect with other readers, authors, and anyone who loves books and the vast imagination one uses to create an escape from reality for one to enjoy. I look forward to sharing and conversing with others.

Artist, Animator, Art Director at Studio Loogaroo, Canada. Not easily offended. Follow me on Instagram for more not seen here.

I am webcomic creator that focus on superhero and science fiction story, with the 90's and 80's art style. But I also do manga.

Social Worker,Counselor and writer of The Tribulation Taskforce comic book!

WISHLIST ON STEAM! http://www.dykomsoftware.com Wired from the ashes of twin stick Shooters, ARKSYNC evolves the genre with breakneck player movement and lethal enemy AI. Kill for energy to buy weapons, utilities, and upgrades; risk it all as you enter the depths of the evacuation facility. It's the only way to take this robot teddy bear home.

The leading Hispanic voice in science fiction.

Crane City
Jan 2021
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