Writer, MMA Fighter, Musician. I stream at http://www.glimesh.tv/manne Check me out at http://www.odysee.com/mineya
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Author of "The Magic of Nature," "Walk Your Path," & "The Golden Rule." Jess writes for, "The Epoch Times," "Evie Magazine," and many more. Meditation can't cure stupid but it can ease frustration. Sorry guys, I'm married with 4 kids (and no I didn't know you in high school) https://jessicamariebaumgartner.com/

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Welcome to my art portfolio! All art you'll see here is my own. I'm a concept artist, illustrator by trade. I've done concept art for multiple indie games, books, stories, small budget movies, YouTube art and whole bunch of Teespring merch. I'll be doing book covers too. Thank you for visiting and let me know if you need anything! I'm open for commissions. NOTE: I can't follow back generic or too spicy channels, sorry. I never report anyone but spammy or radical channels might get blocked on rare occasion till some kind of "mute" function is introduced.

I am a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, author of numerous books and lover of liberty.

I write, talk about writing, and post stupid quotes and sayings I've thought up since high school. Visit rowlands-laws.net for more!

Power. Glamour. ...And body modifications.

Author and Podcaster looking to make new connections

I post random stuff that crosses my minds, ROLL CREDITS, random Q drops without interpretation because they are pretty interesting, comics that I make, drawings for adults... everything is for adults, call it a disclaimer... opportune thoughts, and anything that I feel like as a multifaceted perfectly functional and evenly deranged human being. For even spicier drawings check secondary channel https://www.minds.com/gy_johnson2/

Joshua Done is a Washington State Fantasy and Science Fiction author.

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Firstly, I do my own stunts. Socially awkward. Got lyme's disease in the military. Have Bells Palsy and DPDR just to name a few issues. My life is complete hell because I have a fight or flight response that doesn't turn off. I'm basically homeless because of it. I spend a lot of time in the desert. I can't hold down a job. I make music and travel to cope with my life. I drink. Looking for travel companions and beautiful women. When I say beautiful I mean the soul. I'm sick of bullshit materialistic and shallow people.

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