Prompt: Saucy Mechanics Submission Deadline: September 23 Media: Drawings and Paintings of all kinds from physical to digital Tag: #WrenchtemberArtContest Saucy Mechanics. Need I say more? Maybe they're posing, maybe they're in between jobs, or cleaning up from getting their hands dirty. Maybe they're in the middle of some "percussive maintenance." Grease-monkeys to wrench-turners and old cars to far-flung space-rangers - the whole gamut are what we want! Use #WrenchtemberArtContest on a post all your own to submit! At the end of the submission period, we'll compile all the entries and setup a method to vote for the winner(s) who will receive a portion of the pool. Prize Pools setup so entrants have penty of opportunities to earn prizes along the way. Don't worry: the grand prize is still a significant portion of the pool. Wire tokens to @MindsArtContest to pump the prize pool up, and if you want to help with boosts to promote the contest, tack on 0.01 to your donation so it's clear what it's for. If you donate to the pool, you earn the benefit of selecting finalists. If you want to tip @AlwaysSteve for running the contest and for putting up 50 of his own tokens to seed the pool, he will graciously accept them. We're looking to select finalists by September 26 with voting through the end of September and to announce the winner(s) of the contest and payout prizes by September 30 Extra special thanks to @drawzooka for the inspiration and allowing us to use their art for the promo material!
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I draw Comics! I try to post some of them everyday!!! I occasionally write blogs and stuff. I laugh at everyone.

Jul 2021
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