Prompt: Rejected Halloween Costumes Submission Deadline: October 10 Media: Drawings and Paintings of all kinds from physical to digital We're looking for costumes no one in their right minds would ever think of, let alone wear - unless it's a meat costume and you're Lady Gaga. You have until the end of October 10 to submit your entries with the #OctoberArtContest hashtag. At the end of the submission period, we'll compile all the entries and setup a method to vote for the winner(s) who will receive a portion of the pool. Prize Pools are flattened out compared to the previous contest with more opportunities to earn prizes along the way. Don't worry: the grand prize is still a significant portion of the pool. Wire tokens to @MindsArtContest to pump the prize pool up, and if you want to help with boosts to promote the contest, tack on 0.01 to your donation so it's clear what it's for. If you donate to the pool, you earn the benefit of selecting finalists. If you want to tip @AlwaysSteve for running the contest and for putting up 20 of his own tokens to seed the pool, he will graciously accept them. We're looking to select finalists by October 18, with voting through Halloween and to announce the winner(s) of the contest and payout prizes in the first week of November. Extra special thanks to @neutronboar for making the contest promotional materials like the banner and the profile pic👍
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