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Your Guide to Using Minds

MindsJan 10, 2021, 10:05:32 PM

Welcome to Minds, and thank you for being a pioneer of the free and open Internet!

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the many features of Minds to help you have the best experience possible. 

Our Principles

  1. We are fully committed to open source software. All of our code and algorithms are publicly available at https://gitlab.com/minds to keep us accountable.
  2. Our content policy is governed by the First Amendment and a community jury to minimize bias and protect your freedom of speech.
  3. We believe that censorship does not work. It creates deeper echo chambers and amplifies violence and radicalization. Free speech and civil discourse are the only way to change minds.

For a more in-depth overview of Minds mission, please refer to our whitepaper. For more questions, please refer to the Help & Support Group or our Help Desk.


Everyone owns a channel on Minds. This is your profile where you can post, vote, comment, remind (our version of a retweet), subscribe, earn tokens or cash and more. The more you interact with others, the more likely you are to gain new subscribers and grow your presence on Minds.


You can create a group or join an existing one. Groups are intended to allow users to more easily connect under a common topic or interest. Groups are moderated by the community owners.


You can use the Compose tool to create content by clicking the grey and yellow plus icon or using the speak your mind widget. Minds allows users to post statuses, upload images or videos, or write more detailed blog posts


Add up to five hashtags to your post to increase discoverability (important!!). Tags allow your content to show up in Discovery, and therefore help you reach new users and connect with people around specific topics. 


Discovery is a place to find content, groups or channels based on topics. You can save hashtags to customize the “For You” section of discovery and see the best content using those tags. You can also see what’s trending, or click into individual hashtag feeds to see the Top and Latest content within that specific topic. 


Use the search bar to search for specific hashtags or keywords. Then you can filter the results to content, channels and groups, as well as filtering content down by specific content type (blogs, videos, images). 


You can use Minds Tokens to boost your content and gain more views from the wider Minds network. This is a great way to reach new people and get exposure on your content or channel. 

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You can also tip any user in cash or crypto using our Minds Pay tool. Just click “tip” on the post and complete the prompt to send money and show your support for others.

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Everyone can earn Minds Token Rewards every day by referring your friends, creating popular content and receiving engagement. Tokens are used to boost content for expanded reach or to tip your favorite creators on the app. 

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Your Wallet is where you can keep track of your earnings, as well as configure your account to receive payments in Minds Tokens, Bitcoin, Ether or Cash. 


You can upgrade your channel to Minds+ to unlock a number of features. These include the ability to turn off boosted content, verify your channel, as well as the ability to both post and access premium Minds+ content and earn a share of our revenue based on your engagement. 

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Minds Pro 

You can upgrade your channel to Minds Pro to unlock even more features. These include using a custom domain for your channel and earning additional revenue for things like pageviews and referrals. 

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We will continue to keep this guide up to date to help new users get comfortable on a new system. We are extremely grateful that you have decided to join Minds, and we will continue to build this platform to be the true freedom alternative that we all deserve!

The Minds Team

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