Minds Rewards

Earn tokens for your contributions to the network

Each day you will receive a contribution score for your activity on the network.

This score determines your share of the daily rewards pool and results in a payout of Minds Tokens, which can be used to support other channels or boost your content for more reach.

As featured in
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Wired
  • TechCrunch
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Fox News
  • Independent
  • Reuters
  • npr


We reward you for the amount of unique engagement received on your content. In order to prevent fraud, you can only receive credit once per engagement type per day from verified channels.

  • Votes = 1 point
  • Comments = 2 points
  • Subscribers = 4 points
  • Reminds = 4 points


You deserve credit for the people you bring to the Minds network. We reward you with 50 points for every new user that signs up through your referral code and joins our Rewards program.

  • Referrals = 1 point


All of our development is publicly available on Gitlab. Any contribution you make to the code will be manually reviewed in order to determine appropriate payouts in Minds Tokens, Bitcoin, Ether or USD.

Other Rewards

OnChain Transactions

Earn 10 points every time you perform an OnChain transaction with your Minds Tokens.

Jury Duty

Earn 25 points every time you participate in our Jury system to review appeals on content moderation decisions.

Hourly Check-ins

Earn 2 points every hour that you check in to the app and perform an action, such as voting or commenting.