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I'm a hobby artist, I do freelance work from time to time. I love illustrating characters, I'm not that good at environment, but I'm open to learning so all criticism is welcome. I usually draw original stuff most of it erotic, I also dabble in horror and fan art. Other platforms you can find my work on: https://jammyelf.newgrounds.com/
I'm Mike, an engineer, gear head, offroad enthusiast, amateur fabricator, and overall goofus. Here I'll post my random projects, Jeep restorations, or any other adventure my wife and I may decide to tackle.
I have a lot to say about Philosophy, Epistemology and the philosophy of science, although my academic qualifications and professional career have been in the field of computer science. Recently I have been concerned about the rise of cultural Marxism, so have decided to start a you tube channel.
I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. Director at @FreedomofPress freedom.press
Thriving in the #GrandSolarMinimum. Daily steps towards self-sufficiency.
Rational leftist, civil libertarian, counter-ideologue, atheist and no-name YouTuber.
Nov 2019
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