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Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

Specialising in design, implementation and evaluation of blockchain-enabled systems. Telegram: @CorlynneO Medium: Twitter: Uptrennd: Topics Blockchain scalability, I'm studying the ability for participants in a blockchain network to process and store a large number of transactions. Speed of transaction throughput is often measured in transactions per second (TPS) and the size of a blockchain is measured in bytes of storage required. Showcasing blockchain interoperability, I write about different blockchain platforms that communicate and transact with one another. Tokenisation and Investing, I look at projects that enable accessible investing through decentralized financial technology (DeFi) and a a focus on property technology (PropTech) #blockchain #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto #ethereum #btc #trading #cryptonews #blockchaintechnology #bitcoinnews #investment #cryptotrading #bitcoins #altcoin #fintech #investing #startup #ai #cryptoworld #cryptoinvestor

Privacy Professional living in the EU

My research concerns number theory and cryptography. With particular attention to the Riemann conjecture Free sharing of knowledge is the future Any little or big donation is welcome. Thanks for support me: BTC bc1qrs3y7v5ac4xr3h8nwlctr7kdrf4sy344xz9f78 ETH 0x0d6F58471F7cB991a16694F4543aFAdc3bF41223 thanks for donation me: @usfreespeech1776 @P16 Support them!

Privacy and anonymity via hands-on tech implementation. An initiative of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School, founded by @seandiggity

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