Welcome to an unofficial Minds page of the Canadian Armed Forces — those who confront death, who safeguard the nation as the nation slumbers. NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT.
Greetings I am the Canadian Freedom Fighter. I fight for the freedom of my fellow Canadians from the current political class who only see us as both piggy banks and grown children who require more and more and more government over site. The current Liberal government is being run by a terrorist sympathizer who will not protect us or allow Canadians nationwide to protect themselves. I believe in freedom, to do what you wish so long as you are not causing harm. Canadians have been known for being tough, strong, and not willing to settle for less, I think we can get back to that and away from the weak pandering cuckold reputation we have now. This is why I fly the Red Ensign flag, as it was the flag flow during the world wars and Korea, when Canadians where Canadian and stood for what they believed in. Join me in making Canada strong again.
Curious, sensual, humorous, honest. I laugh at the world but mostly at myself. The future will soon be a thing of the past, and with it, all of us. The Present is all we have.
This site is preserved for the real Dan Bongino and will be released to Dan upon request. We are the Speekle Network...CONSERVATIVE PROTECTED SPEECH
Just a young man wading through the crap to help inform fellow Canadians about the important issues and other stuff the government decided weren't important enough to teach in school. #AlbertaStrong
Independent Thinking, Home of the High Vis Network
Promoting the philosophy of less taxes, less government, and more economic freedom.
2020 Presidential candidate. Former Congresswoman. Soldier. Surfer. Yoga. Plant-based. Inquiries: http://tulsigabbard.com (Views do not reflect position of DoD)
Jan 2021
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