@mindsfaq Is an attempt to build an official FAQ for Minds that is based on the Support & Bugs Group and the everyday Questions and Answers giving to Users. This is a the channel! If you want to reach the Group, click here; https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/703661876797513748/activity
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Comedian, Activist, Host of Redacted Tonight
an antidote to the propaganda of corporate media
You'll find that i appear disfunctional according to the norm of socalled functional society. It just who i am no immitation, no falseness, no selfishness and am at peace with all. I will add something which appears as not normal but to me its everything part of the equilibrium of everything in existence. We are all but one of a bigger whole. Peace be with you all. Anything i post you can do with it what you want.
I ❤ Science, logic, freedom and art... (Superhero by night) #censorship #all #quotes #freespeech #minds
Artist TED Fellow Carnegie Hall Fellowship 2007 Master Flow-State Practitioner Life Coach Political Philosopher
Sep 2016
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