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FSU alumn, degree in Mathematics Chess Super Smash Bros Melee Street Fighter 6 Rivals of Aether Mega Man Rubik's puzzles resident wokiedokie artichokie I have two border collies and they are the sweetest animals in the universe
"Help and Support" group is closed. When we band together we can find out if there are site-wide problems. This is bad for business because would make us stay away from the site for a few hours until the problem is fixed, a behaviour that 'they' do not want. Now we are going to use "General Council of Admins of this Group" as a replacement.
Group for people hunting Minds spammers & bots. admins @jaebeeart mods @klara_sjo @StijnFawkes
test, public+closed group
Group for discussing all types of weaponry & related accessories, the promotion of self-defense rights, and for sharing links to related news and websites that support the above. Related memes are also fine. Technically, the word "arms" means any weapon available, hence this group is for discussing a wide variety of weaponry in addition to firearms. While the Second Amendment is a uniquely American thing, this group is open to anyone around the world who support the right to armed self-defense. No spamming or off-topic posts please. If talking about gun rights etc is not your thing, don't join the group. Spammers and trolls will get banned permanently. Anything short of direct calls for violence or instigating such without solid reason, I do not care what is shared in this group, including the sharing of 3-D printable gun files. Each individual poster assumes responsibility for their own posts, including appropriate tags and marking NSFW content.
This group is all about memes poking fun at history or trying to educate with bite-sized bits of information in a comedic meme format. THE RULES 1. Memes must have something to do with history. 2. Try to have fun. 3. The sidebar chat can be used as a live chat. 4. No spam. 5. No Nazi, Fascist or Communist apologists or posts. Posts unironically supporting these ideologies may be subject to moderation. 6. Historical Revisionism may be subject to moderation. Let's get our nerd on. Use #historymemes if you can please. Group created by @megamouthgames Mods: @ghoul777 @coel
Greetings citizens. The Hall of Justice is dedicated to the Judge Dredd universe and sentencing justice upon lawbreakers. If you like Judge Dredd movies, art, comics, toys, etc and also have an interest in discussing true crime in character then this group is for you. THE LAW 1. Posts must be on the subject of the Judge Dredd universe in some fashion OR crime. 2. COMMENTS ON POSTS MUST BE IN CHARACTER. If you're unsure of how to do that then go for austere and no-nonsense. 3. Interaction between citizens and officers of the law must remain cordial. Breaches of this law may result in a sentence to the ISO-Cubes. Father of Justice @MegaMouthGames Co-Father of Justice @Judge_Cronos
- A group for the sharing of art such as: paintings, sculptures, photography, cinematography, cartoons, clothing/armor, etc... - Please refrain from posting manga or comics strips, individual shots are ok - Post to your heart's content, just try not to spam - We ask that you mention at least the name of the artist of the piece Created by @ghoul777
Welcome to the Canary group for testing new features. Please visit https://www.minds.com/canary to enable/disable
Frog posting and frens Please don't Fedpost. Non-frens stay away!
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Apr 2020
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