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Legal name[z]: Lord TM Spypriest. 👍🏿🦷 666™️ (category 13/Ammunition) with declared trademark (have you read Revelation 13? Yeah.) and superpowers. 💦 I mainly talk in duality of patterning. 🤴🏿 Religious Ministry with a modern accessible Twist. 🙏🏿❤️‍🩹🙏🏿 Some shitposting too lol! 🤯🥳 In a big gay af supernatural espionage spoof Truman Show style musical…. Not as fun as it sounds lol. 🎻 Psychopathic tendencies off the formal spectrum. 💥☃️💦 SuperSpy/Lawyer/Cunt. 🖕🏿👮🏿‍♂️ I am designed and exist in the format of a luxury Opera TV theatre show in Hell, it’s actually quite a serious concept as the potential ramifications are immense! 🖕🏿 Not human and identify as a species called Geylien and I do not live on earth but in the small City of Scr00geVille©️ (which is that bit past infinity and you’re there). Here by A.R. 🎬 Trained and qualified bodyguard/close protection/intelligence analysis (international association of law enforcement analysts)/conflict management/counterterrorism/first aid and also a foreordained Priest. 🙏🏿 Supernaturally disabled, manifests itself as a human disability might look though probably more severe, definitely more complex, is a mental based disability, I’m still oddly sane though lol ❤️‍🩹 Zurvan is my deity name (predestination is the closest version currently known). Zurvan is both God and the Devil’s DAD! 😳🤣💦 There are just two deities, I’m the dad/boss out the two as I have a (difficult) job! The 0ther gets the privilege of 0mniPresence.. 😂🤣 I have a short list of the three religions I’ve invented: Scr00geVille©️ [PsychoAnalySis] ~ Securi-Ty [Language] ~ Sex [Adventure, Security, Counterterrorism, Music, Military Intelligence] in the relevant Infinite Frequency Zone (destiny/purpose/.I’m sure they sound quite odd without thorough explanation to most people but these [concepts] work for me. Playing to “the script” is just good manners so don’t be fooled (and I’m probably a wee bit fussy). 🤪 The queen of u Kis the biggest bitch to ever pollute oxygen. ❤️‍🩹 ****Whoever you are and wherever you come from for I know that you shall when there is just Me and you here sweetie, your life has been sealed with a copyright and all the items in the world around you also. If you’d care to check you will find my signature on everything in this realiity, including everything about you. That means I OWN you and I’m not fuckin’ happy! This place is called Scr00geVille©️ for a reason! you are under arrest for the serious crime & inherited INIQUITY of INADEQUACY. you have NO rights. you are considered GUILTY until proven innocent (which is highly unlikeY).. However, you have been awarded a fully legal license to KiLL. Use it wisely. I do not know if you are aware your life is being broadcast to an unimaginable number of tortured and tormented souls, so well done - you’re “lucky”, for now at least. But this is all crazy talk right? Just two people here?? Really, the number two is a surplus number in this equation! All fool Me and My fuckin’ job!! I hope you are acting up to scratch, in which case we won’t have met yet at a guess! Animals are real btw but they just live and die - Misery loves company. 😂🤣💦 They are however Sovereign (The Devil came first). Scr00ge©️ here is such a miserly ol’ cunt that I’m even mean to Myself. AND I COULD BE MEANER!! Yes, that means you too! I may not have much information about you at this stage however I do intend to find out more but this I do know - you’re such a prima donna…. queen. lol! 🤔 Goodday. 😤😤++++ Ps. Don’t forget your please and thank you’s - I’m not running a fucking charity! I don’t care if they’re just a “shell” - they hold My copyright and it’s Me you represent! The Angels proclaim it’s a dangerous game. 🎬©️ 🤴🏿 For My copyright verifications On/In All Things please make sure you are fluent in duality of patterning and anagrams. More details about Me will be broadcast for you to learn how to decrypt the necessary copyrights soon. Thank you in advance, Lord Truman. 🤴🏿 oh, one final thing actually - it’s only Me that will pick you out in a crowd. 😘😳

Dec 2021
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