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Tucson Az. born dad, husband, son, & kettlebell swinger. Also learning to fly fish in West Mi.🏋️‍♂️🖥🎣

Refugee of Sarkhan X112, #No_Racism TIPS 0x6a46d8A6D5549a57B368d412A36f3B39678412B3 https://opensea.io/CodeArch_NFT

Brasileiro, acredito que imposto é roubo e que o Estado é uma gangue de mafiosos. Sou a favor de liberdades individuais e adepto do principio de não iniciar agressão.

Just trippy short videos! 😵💥

I AM JARV. Founding fathers spoke of a painting with a sunset/sunrise.. Ben (I believe it was) asked, is it a rising sun or a setting one.. in 1776 it was rising. And what about NOW? The West is Ending.. Or is it REALLY?http://www.jarvemail.wixsite.com/jarvnetwork AND http://www.rumble.com/JARV8

Journalist, writer, vegan and yogi

Art of Michael Fulcher
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Artist, USA. I mostly paint , draw art and fantasy pictures, DM or e-mail [email protected] commissions are open! For prints and Original art, go to https://linktr.ee/flogan80

I am a flag waving, liberty loving person who is not afraid to raise my voice against tyranny. I believe in our constitution! I am a hard working family man who is very passionate about prospecting for gold and gems. Also a content creator, check out Appalachian Prospectors.

You are loved irrespective of race, religion, sexual orientation and belief.

Dec 2021
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