I love to chat and make new friends from different part of the world to learn new things... and maybe along the line I could find d perfect 👌 ☝️ 💕💕
This group will help know more about what is going ON in our Country Nigeria
Focus of ultra rich lifestyles, or creative life, or luxury, which include different items, styles, dreams, expectations, ideas and materials related to rich, or to money, or to basic ideas of luxury. Different interpretations of luxury are usually relevant when considering many different people and different cultures and countries. .... What do you think is rich, or luxury, or as a very creative life style? #luxury #rich #ultra #creative
Group Policies: *No self-promotion or spam. Posts with links to your blog, articles, business pages, affiliate offers lead capture offers, spam or any other sort of solicitation of fellow group members (including asking for likes/shares/followers) are not allowed. Post containing religious groups’ information and other nearmiss-names will be deleted. *The purpose of this group is to lead the entire world into the knowledge and understanding of Who it is who said these words and identify Him and acknowledge Him and lead others to believe and trust in Him. *This group is an entry level groups open for anyone to enter but which will not tolerate those who persist in misleading others away from the Truth who function unwittingly as agents of His enemies. We strongly recommend using chaperones whenever communicating privately with a member of the opposite sex. It is indeed common sense for any believer not to choose a nonbeliever chaperone because they are untrustworthy and adversarial to the righteous, and an adversarial chaperone would be counterproductive to the goal of having chaperones, which is to prevent false accusations. Therefore, both parties should be in agreement about who is the chaperone, as well as the chaperone, as it is also not good to obligate anyone. Since scriptures state that in the word of two witnesses a matter should be established, and scripture also makes clear “witnesses” means witnesses of Yâhuwshúa`, chaperones should be believers whenever possible, but Yâhuwshúa` did not also say they had to be members of one of our groups. If a believer has a chaperoned conversation with a nonbeliever, it is common sense the chaperone should be a believer, for all of the above reasons. *Questions are welcomed, please, stay on topic. Come visit the Firstfruits at
TRUST IN GOD! Please just write and share God' Word and Mother Mary' Messages!
Oct 2021
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