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Minds Community Open Source Initiative - 2020

2019 has been a tremendous year for both Minds Community Open Source Initiative (MCOSI) and Minds.com. Over the last year we have seen several changes and improvements being implemented to the Minds platform with additions including the post scheduler, video conferencing (Gatherings), the jury system, community notices and media modals (see Minds “2019 and Beyond” blog article for a complete list of accomplishments).

Over the course of 2019, the MCOSI has been busy and have been actively supporting the community. The Minds Community Open Source Initiative has been listening to the community and discussing various issues, bugs and suggestions. The MCOSI has also been logging bug and community suggestions to Minds Gitlab (Minds project management and bug ticket service), as well as posting solutions, replies and feedback to both the official Minds Help and Support group, the Minds User Group (the community provided support group) and the MCOSI group.

Whilst we saw Minds adding new features and functionality, Minds Community Open Source Initiative also supported the implementation of several changes and has achieved several accomplishments, these accomplishments include:

* Terms of service review
During March, the Minds staff asked the MCOSI to review a draft version of the Minds.com terms of service agreement. After several weeks of discussions, the MCOSI provided Minds with a comprehensive document which contained suggestions and notes.

* Burger Menu
July saw the addition of links for the mobile app download and Minds (Teespring) store within the burger menu. These links were added due previous accessibility issues and was supported by the MCOSI (for further information about the burger menu, refer to the “Minds App And New Burger Menu“ blog article).

* Gitlab
Previous to 2019, Minds used the Asana.com service for their project management and bug tracking platform. Due to the issue that Asana is a close source, limited subscription service, the MCOSI has been encouraging Minds to change to an alternative platform since mid 2018. During the first quarter of 2019, Minds decided to move to Gitlab (further information about Gitlab, Minds and the MCOSI can be found within the “Minds Community Open Source Initiative First Anniversary” blog article).

Minds Community Open Source Initiative aided in providing various bug resolutions and have also provided ideas for group improvements, token facility, site design (user interface / user experience), Minds mobile app and various other issues.

2020 is expected to bring exciting improvements with further changes to the site and mobile app design, as well as several large improvements to both the blog, messenger and search facilities being forecasted.

The MCOSI has been actively supporting these improvements and with the aid of the community, hopes to provide continued help and support to the wider community. Minds Community Open Source Initiative encourages further collaboration between the community and Minds.com.

Minds Community Open Source Initiative welcomes feedback, comments and participation from the wider Minds.com community and expects 2020 to be a very exciting year for the Minds open source, social media platform.

Minds Community Open Source Initiative Collaborating With Minds.com

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