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2019 and Beyond

MindsDec 27, 2019, 4:20:30 AM


Thank you for a groundbreaking year! We are at the leading edge of a new model for Internet companies focused on hyper-transparency, privacy, monetization, decentralized infrastructure and digital democracy.

Below is an overview of our major accomplishments from 2019 as well as a preview of the next evolution of Minds. We encourage you to follow the links to see some of the features coming next year for a total revamp of the app and user experience.

What we accomplished in 2019:

- Bitcoin, Ether, USD payments

- Minds Pro

- Gatherings (video conferencing)

- Community jury moderation system

- Mobile translations

- User retention states

- Activity triggers and notification system

- Offline mode for mobile

- Centralized error reporting system (Sentry)

- Post scheduling

- Dark mode (web)

- User Analytics

- Media modals

- New upgrades and product pages

- Invitation to the White House (Social Media Summit)

- Appearance on Joe Rogan

- Transcoder improvements

- Inaugural Minds IRL event

- Launch of the Change Minds initiative with Daryl Davis

- Comment threads

- Transition to Gitlab

- Canary Mode

- Partnership with SendWyre for USD → Crypto onramp

- Open source documentation of Minds

- Feeds migration to ElasticSearch

- Managed cloud instances

- Integration testing

- Boost (Mongo to ElasticSearch refactor)

- Streamlined admin tools

- Suggested channels

- Help desk

- New onboarding

- Community notices

- Block expansion

- Discovery (hashtags)

- Discovery (content scoring)

- Referrals console

What’s coming in 2020:

- Wallet upgrade

- Onboarding upgrade

- New homepage and registration

- Newsfeed UX

- Navigation redesign for mobile and web

- Search enhancements

- Recommendation engine improvements

- Improved blog editor

- Minds Pay (Wire 2.0)

- Boost campaigns and partners (revenue-sharing)

- Minds TV (revenue-sharing)

- Server side rendering

- PSR7 Router

- Web localization

- Permissions (open, closed, moderated channels)

- Notification grouping and read receipts

- Sandbox review sites for developers

- Bounty program for open source community

- Improved bot and spam prevention

- New composer/capture tool

- Settings overhaul

- Token purchase flow UX

- Channel and groups redesign

- Infrastructure for A/B testing platform

Decentralization Initiatives:

- Messenger 2.0

- ActivityPub

- T3 Distributed Identities

- Nomad

- WebTorrent

As you can see, our team has been hard at work developing open source technology and the platform has been making giant strides. This is the groundwork that will allow Minds to scale and handle a mass migration.

A major focus in 2020 will be on enhancing the user experience to encourage and incentivize more creation and sharing of native, original content. We want Minds to become the place to share and engage with ideas and opinions of all kinds without fear of censorship or algorithmic bias.

We are always listening to your feedback and sincerely appreciate all of the efforts you all put in towards helping our team. If you ever want to check out what we are doing on a day-to-day basis and help make our open source project more viral, please star and follow us on the Minds Gitlab!

We can't wait for what's coming next!

The Minds Team

Banner Photo by Brandon Green on Unsplash