Minds Community Open Source Initiative


Minds Community Open Source Initiative (MCOSI), a community driven organisation, is a collaborative project between the community members of Minds.com and the staff members of Minds Inc. The MCOSI exists to support the community by providing assistance with the various aspects and facilities of the Minds open source social media platform. In assisting the Minds.com platform, the MCOSI provides support for the creation of up-to-date documentation, support in tracking and resolving bugs, as well as the provision of services in which community members can offer feedback and further suggestions. The MCOSI also endeavours to aid in the provision of source code and supplementary documentation for the ongoing development of the Minds platform. Minds Community Open Source Initiative is committed to working synergistically with Minds Inc. to encourage community participation and collaboration in the aim of supporting our revolutionary social media platform, Minds.com. __________________________________________ MCOSI Objectives: Support Minds Inc. in providing a social media platform that is dedicated to open source and free speech principles Support in the creation of documentation relevant to the ongoing development and support of the Minds open source framework Build upon providing transparent meetings that aims to discuss the provision and implementation of bug fixes, users support and further development ideas Support the community by enhancing the overall experience of Minds.com __________________________________________ Website: https://www.mcosi.org Group: https://www.mcosi.org/group Channel: https://www.mcosi.org/channel Meetings: https://www.mcosi.org/meetings E-mail: info@mcosi.org
Social Media Share-Bar Nominations Working together with Minds staff members and based on recent community feedback, the Minds Community Open Source Initiative is asking the community to nominate their favourite social media platforms for inclusion within the social media share-bar. Please see the following blog article for further details. Blog Article: * https://www.minds.com/mcosi/blog/social-media-share-bar-nominations-1084534557170728960
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