James McGauran


I am an independent thinker, free of any religious or political ideology. I will always defend your right to call me what you like in any way you see fit. Discussion is the basis of knowledge as it allows for us to find the correct answer. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MrOctavius Gab.ai: https://gab.ai/MrOctavius

Constitutional Nationalist www.ParadoxChronicle.com www.RossBook.net

SJW's need to find a hobby. My hobby is calling them out. I'm an American who has been obsessed with the dream of being allies with Russia since Reagan started peace talks with Горбачёв. My greatest moment was when Baldwin sported a MAGA hat, translated for peace talks with Путин. Homeboy thought he was trolling us. LOL factor 100! I really want to buy one of those hats! Сделать Америки Здорово Снова For those who can't read Cyrillic: Sdyelat' Amyeriki Zdorovo Snova!

I am Kraase, I wont say what my real name is, because I'm not a complete moron, I am in the furry fandom, and no that does NOT mean that I like that "YIFF" crap, my hobbies include art, pottery, gaming, reading, and hanging out with my family thats all you need to know about me, have a nice day.

Interested in: Philosophy, Science, Space exploration / expansion, Politics, A.I. / Automation, the future.

Artist, Musician, Writer, Poet, Dancer... And a lot more. Hopefully I will get to adding content soon... for now, i think i'll just post some .gifs ;)

Truth in these Orwellian times, is spoken only by the brave, when it used to be spoken by almost everyone.

Nov 2016
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