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Proud #GamerGate supporter, #Anti-SJW & #MRA |🇬🇧|Bisexual🏳️‍🌈& Aspie #ActuallyAutistic so #NotYourShield|21|Credits Crappygameswiki & Burrunjor on Twitter for redpilling |Profile pic comes from this ben garrison cartoon;…… (doesn't argee with the cartoon or a lot of ben's work, just likes ramaphosa's face) Supporter of rights for REAL, GENDER DYSPHORIC TRANS PEOPLE (not that fake non-binary, 20 billion genders shit);in other words, keep LGBT L.B.G.T.|Not fond of the far-right/alt-right either, so they can f**ck off too (any followers I get who are genuinely far-right/alt-right and/or genuinely bigoted will be blocked) & I will do tweets mocking them (just not as many since I consider the regressive left to be a bigger threat currently). For more info about me, visit my profile on rotten websites wiki

London Indie Filmmaker making Sci-Fi films

Self respect, hard working and fearless woman [email protected] Welcome To Zero Debt Coach! The blog is aimed at helping you eliminate debt and to charting a path to financial independence. You'll find the strategies, tactics and resources I used to eliminate $43,000 in debt in just 2.5 years! To view the full blogposts you see in the feed on the right, you can either click on the image in the feed or head over to: for the full blog experience. If you find the information helpful to you in your journey, you can subscribe to the blog and get our free PDF guide, "8 Steps To Erase Debt" by going here: These 8 steps are the foundation that I and millions of others have used to totally eliminate our debt, for good!


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NIR1000 😎 📷
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I Love Near Infrared Photography, Photos made in a light-spectrum you cannot see with your eyes 😎

Please do not be offended. I am politically incorrect. I hate no one, i do care for humanity but i have a weird alternative way of showing it when compared to what society expects. May true love be our guide and may joy be in all our hearts.

Nov 2018
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