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A conservative nerd btw minds assumed my gender.

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Account created on: Jun 18, 2016, 11:32:50 AM Studying programming: - HTML5 - CSS3 - PHP7 - JavaScript - MySQL - C++ - Python3 - Ruby - Basic-256 - Visual Basic for Applications - FreeBasic - MS Access SQL - Oracle SQL Wall of fame: @5LittleBirdies1963 @Amandagr19 @AnNguyen72 @anouchkaya @Antoniovin @asalmeron @BabeOLicious @baboshka @BadassRho @BCTL @BdamSmart @Beardedone2017 @beerhunter @BigBamboo @BrandyNM82 @brazen_serpent @Buffie @CaptTrips @Censorshipsucks @CerberusEvans @Charissima @chesschats @ChocolateStarfish @Claus_Lue @Cloudbill @coeurdours @CuteAsians @darkinmyeyes @DavidBolha @Debbie25 @delastman @DepQua @DirkLoots @DreagusProd @duongquangdong @dynosarus @elisea @emuelle1 @ericola @EssentialAl93 @EVILGUNNEY @Ezlife @FerretPop @FlashSomebody @FloatingOnSmiles @FloriaMagnifico @FretzCapo @Fryth @Gabs5 @gangstermailsexy @GenXpat @giggles108 @gingered @gmno @GreenDeen @gregorovich13 @Halonso61 @hankbarnes @Harp609 @Henkster @Higashi @HoangNghiem1368 @Incal @Iohannes @IvoryEnchantress @jahmind @JamesN @jcinchrist @jcity @Jcory444 @Jenzcranium @JonW116 @juliegrissom21 @katsuakira @Khietbui @kibls @Kitch23 @Ksiazek @ladyhug @LAMEntertainment @LaRevolutionEstEnMarche @looneyboo @lqminh @Luckyone @Lyyapham @MariPia @Megadrive @megaeggz @MerlinLovett @MGTOWMonster @mikehopkins @Milica42 @MindsGaming @MrCuongJacky @MsCYPRAH @myincal @namgiangnet @naturewater @Netjr @Ngmhoang @Ngotrang @NguoiThanhDat - Nền tảng tri thức về cuộc sống hay nhất trên Minds @NguoiThanhDat - A platform on Minds of life knowledge @noritou @Odipides @Overrun @Papa_Joe @Phynster @Pnut68 @positeer @PositiveSynergy @RedDragonLS @ReesDaFlo @RitzieAnn @RONIN1 @rosarch @Rsanny @Rushofwaves @Secftblgirl @Sexyladies @Shannon222 @sharonmonaco @SIRGANDALF @Skullcollector479 @slothlydoesit @Sneedlwoods @Sotti @Splooshtastic6969 @StalemateIB @starhammer @SteveLarson @StormFeather @Sukie007 @Sweetleaf71 @Talbooth @Tanawatee @Terjesdatter @Thannhan @ThiThiCute @ThuNguyenChi @tnrose @tomtomandt @VALHALLAcig @Vmanvn @Walkinthepark @Willieleev1971

German, Christian and pissed off at the world right now.

London Indie Filmmaker making Sci-Fi films

I'm here to expose and annoy SJWs, Feminists, BLMers, Cultural Marxists and all other social deconstructionists. After Facebook deleted my page that had over 20,000 likes, I refuse to go back and try a fourth time.

a bit of me, original art

Drifting without a cause. I just completed a year long world expedition and am currently living in a tent in the woods. I look forward to sharing some of the more exciting parts of my trip as I work through organizing my backlog and hope to share occasional updates on tent life. I have come to Minds in light of some of the recent tomfoolery from mainstream social media outlets and have so far been enjoying the experience! Check out my Blog if you feel so inclined.

A devil in angel's clothing. Writer, Dominant. Canadian. Speaks English|Français Blog and Podcast linked below

Proud #GamerGate supporter, #Anti-SJW & #MRA |🇬🇧|Bisexual🏳️‍🌈& Aspie #ActuallyAutistic so #NotYourShield|21|Credits Crappygameswiki & Burrunjor on Twitter for redpilling |Profile pic comes from this ben garrison cartoon;…… (doesn't argee with the cartoon or a lot of ben's work, just likes ramaphosa's face) Supporter of rights for REAL, GENDER DYSPHORIC TRANS PEOPLE (not that fake non-binary, 20 billion genders shit);in other words, keep LGBT L.B.G.T.|Not fond of the far-right/alt-right either, so they can f**ck off too (any followers I get who are genuinely far-right/alt-right and/or genuinely bigoted will be blocked) & I will do tweets mocking them (just not as many since I consider the regressive left to be a bigger threat currently). For more info about me, visit my profile on rotten websites wiki

Nov 2018
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