Maria Kristelle Jimenez

Nagtatrabaho bilang freelance writer, layout artist, at website specialist sa Pampanga si Maria Kristelle Jimenez. Sa ngayon, kumakatawang founder-owner si Kristelle ng Rebo Press Book Publishing, associate editor sa Filipino ng Revolt Magazine. Siya rin ang kasalukuyang editor-in-chief ng Vox Populi PH. Maaring mag-iwan ng mensahe sa kaniya: [email protected]

Lumaki si Victoria Garcia sa Partido, Camarines Sur. Nagtapos ng BA Political Science sa University of Nueva Caceres. Kasalukuyan siyang nakatira sa Naga at nagsusulat para sa Tribuna, isang maliit na dyaryo sa Sorsogon, Sorsogon.

Writer, Teacher, Language-learner, Father

I am a freedom-, peace-, truth-loving independent freethinker with dual citizenship. I like the phrase "live and let live". I am for populism, and not elitism. I love science and the multiverse. I llike RDS, DJT, KL and their supporters. I love all unique cultures. I love flora and fauna. I can/do change my mind if there are new facts available... only god knows everything. I hate politics, politicians and political ideologies, with exeptions. I hate the deep state and their US imperialism, also known as globalism. I hate propaganda and the fake news, politically one-sided, copy-and-paste media. I would like to eradicate poverty all over the world. The sight of people living in poverty, especially children, always breaks my heart.

Sep 2020
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