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Curious of everything. A noob trying to live the FOSS life. GNU/Linux, privacy & old tech. Love my pets, food, music, art, knowledge ...✨ Multiuniverse of ideas✨... ♥ Mens sana in corpore sano ♥ >>>(Amateur photography, all mine)>>> Peace ✨ ✨Special Thanks✨ @peninsolar @LibertyApptivist @GenXpat @onecrazychief @mizantroop @Shannon222 @sleepingcowboy @lilysross @AutonomousFamily @rosesandnas @fredovaldobuenvinagre @Galzu19 🙏

A girl and her dog we love free speech I’m not censoring you so stop trying to censor me “Where we go one we go all”

Its Beyond Simple Is an online platform that provides tutorials on C & Java programming languages.

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Philosopher, Primal Behavior Specialist If you like the content on this page, please #susbcribe and help support this page by commenting and re-minding. Also, consider checking out The BlackWolf on other social platforms including facebook, instagram, and Quora. The BlackWolf was born Peter Allen Wood in Houston, Texas, in 1982 to Wallace Wood (a grocery clerk) and Kathleen Hatton (housewife). He was disowned at birth by his father, an act that would shape a life of intense emotional hardship. He and his older brother were homeschooled by their mother and isolated from society by order of their father. However, of the two, The BlackWolf was the one to receive the harshest of the treatment, causing him to develop depression by the age of five, and suicidal thoughts by the age of seven. It was at the age of eight that he developed his interest in philosophy, art, and an inexplicable desire to insipre. However, being born to a non-affluent family, and with little income, college was out of the question for him. From 18 to 25, he worked as a slave, during which time he fought and finally overcame his suicidal thoughts. At the age of 25, he was tossed into the real world having learned nothing for which his mind was best suited, with no social skills, no useful knowledge, no real experience with people, and an obviously naive sense of entitlement. However, though he was often mocked for his philosophical way of thinking, it wasn't long before he started to realize how poor his role models were, and in what areas he was lacking. A veritable lone wolf, he has been homeless several times, but each time he was able to pull himself out while always maintaining a positive, and even humorous outlook on his struggles. Constantly looking to the future, The BlackWolf aims to be an inspiring voice to his city, state, and nation. Though he still suffers with depression and anxiety, he prides himself in the fact that he has taught himself nearly everything he knows from the very basics of writing and english, to such complex skills as primal psychology, acting, singing, and even sales. "Life taught me more than school ever could." He describes himself as a habitual thinker with a philosophical bent, and is currently working on his book series, The Book of Foundations, which includes the current book, The Struggle for Identity, his next, The Search for Purpose, and finally, Invoking Truth. The BlackWolf is a renaissance man who is deeply interested in ideas; a philosopher, a visionary, author, film maker, actor, screenwritier, director, producer, singer, musician, graphics designer, primal behavior specialist, lyricist, story teller, amateur photographer, ordained minister, and creator. His overall creative streak gives him an unusual natural analytic strength in understanding physics, history, psychology, religion, and mechanics, and his interests include cigars, knives, dogs, inventing, podcasting, and business. Supporting with Crypto helps me increase my visibility across multiple social platforms. BTC: 3CXqtrmW2C7ezHou8QrEw74Jud3NU4YCMR ETH: 0x8e2a8265829260f7ab4788b8144d4a51d7b9e230 LTC: La2NZUBeL3FeU5XLjxLJZxtq8qryzJQGYS XMR: 8Azcvr6tMxrjLNjcQ4EonT1PpHM35fCX9Wcz11PPpqQGNnYTn6bAV6fYX8jwJxL5f5MNqqKzP44vPAsAcg44ctqKFG8bfCn

Unknown Colorado, Stealth Camping, Sovereignty. All people of all nationalities and backgrounds are welcome here. Art, Music, Fashion, Video, Books Https:// I know, it's eclectic. Send LTC to LZiPk9n2rT5byscNPY1NECVd9H5hMa4osK Send BTC to 17ZrWU81gqpizWWXN1pg1ejQ3yWy27ow42 Send fiat to Send BAT to Https:// ALL people of all backgrounds and nationalities are welcome here. Namaste.

Crafter/Artist/Witch I ❤️ Needlework, painting, crafts of all kinds. Casting spells and reading cards 🕯🔮🧿🃏 Doom metal 🎸Swords⚔️Jameson Whiskey🥃 and Sci fi🛸 Plan on spending my crone years traveling the country in a trailer, painting, drinking, swinging my sword, and annoying people 😃👍🏼 Creating potions and powders is my day job. Artwork available at

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