Artist, Naturalist, Stoner, Intellectual, Entomologist, Arachnologist, Living encyclopedia

Curious of everything. A noob trying to live the FOSS life. GNU/Linux, privacy & old tech. Love my pets, food, music, art, knowledge ...✨ Multiuniverse of ideas✨... ♥ Mens sana in corpore sano ♥ >>>(Amateur photography, all mine)>>> Peace ✨ ✨Special Thanks✨ @peninsolar @LibertyApptivist @GenXpat @onecrazychief @mizantroop @Shannon222 @sleepingcowboy @lilysross @AutonomousFamily @rosesandnas @fredovaldobuenvinagre @Galzu19 🙏

A girl and her dog we love free speech I’m not censoring you so stop trying to censor me “Where we go one we go all”

Its Beyond Simple Is an online platform that provides tutorials on C & Java programming languages.

The largest online discussion forum and community for any topics related to animals or pets.

Crafter/Artist/Witch I ❤️ Needlework, painting, crafts of all kinds. Casting spells and reading cards 🕯🔮🧿🃏 Doom metal 🎸Swords⚔️Jameson Whiskey🥃 and Sci fi🛸 Plan on spending my crone years traveling the country in a trailer, painting, drinking, swinging my sword, and annoying people 😃👍🏼 Creating potions and powders is my day job. Artwork available at

Aspiring self-taught freelance artist from Montreal - Nature, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Gaming. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Very Generous Contributor: @Aragmar Friendly Contributors: @robertvandusen @TwiinScorpio @JaeNet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WEBSITE: STORE: SOCIAL MEDIA:

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May 2019
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