A 21yo amateur musician, writer, and artist Twitter: @LucyAlays, counter social @LucyAlays SoundCloud:
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๐ŸŽจ Freelance Concept artist / Illustrator. Fantasy, Scifi, horror genres and more. Character designs and Book covers. Enjoyer of human arts and story telling. Coffee and good food appreciator.

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I love meme, i'm a free speech absolutist, if you can't understand sarcasm you might think i'm stupid, and you'd be mostly correct ! I'm a huge video game enthusiast, not just playing them but knowing them and hopefully one day get to make one, not just work on them. I have a YouTube gaming channel, please consider subscribing !

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Iโ€™m a Gamer, veteran Anime Weeb, Cosplayer, Pokรฉmon GO addict, and collector of figures/collectibles. I usually just post my random thoughts, cringe, the shinies I get in GO, my political hot takes, and some of my Ws and Ls ( but mostly my Ls! ;-; ) OG member of the @LegionofMemers #LegionofMemers #IStandWithVic #IStandWithGinaCarano

Official Mind account of Timothy Dempsey, Author, and host of the Dice and Effect Podcast.

I'm handmade artist, and I sell my works on Etsy since 2016 year, but I'm really trying to break connections with the old world, that is inevitably falling apart, and build solid foundation here on Minds. I hate: banks, centralization and censorship I love: freedom, to create and nature (and a lot more things, but decided it will be cooler if they were just three to match my hate list)

A young Canadian who's open to all possibilities.

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