A 21yo amateur musician, writer, and artist Twitter: @LucyAlays, counter social @LucyAlays SoundCloud:

Just another writer who plays D&D, struggles against the tepid Canadian weather, and writes stuff. Go Bug me on Works In Progress: Horseshoes, Andoletroy, a bitter traveling merchant and centaur is saved from a bad deal by a young woman. Now he must put up with her, and get his money back. Every damn penny. Part 1 Human Reclamation, Mankind became monsters, and now their imitators are trying to save humanity. With the help of bio-engineered armor, they just might succeed. Part 1 Scales, Fire, and Pointy Sticks, In a world without people, a small tribe of intelligent reptiles will take their first tiny steps towards civilization. Will they survive the stone age, when they are the smallest and weakest in the whole forest? Part 1 Blatant Self Shill below. Like my work? Then please consider tossing a dollar my way either here or on my MakerSupport or Patreon.

Zac T. Garmon ✝️ Max Yeehaw Comics | VA Hot Blooded and Clueless The Tomboy Guy Creator of Unbreakable Iron Ranger, Igniter Robo and To Woo a Witch

i probably won’t be active here

german free stuff motion designer | All my work on my Youtube Channel —->

A proud helper|streamer|almost youtuber|turtle enthusiast|forehead eximus|my jawline has killed 17 people|'ate commies|'ate fashies|NSFW|DM me I'm lonely|𓆏

An independent writer and student artist here to gather followers for my new cult. It’ll be wicked awesome, mostly for but y’all too.

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This is Judge Cronos I was born in cal-hab (the area you would know as Scotland) and I am a judge in the newly established Atlantean division of the justice department I am also a Vtuber remember stay out of trouble the judges are watching Twitch link Youtube link

A young Canadian who's open to all possibilities.

Writer, creator, youtuber, hardliner, fan, supporter & customer.

I'm handmade artist, and I sell my works on Etsy since 2016 year, but I'm really trying to break connections with the old world, that is inevitably falling apart, and build solid foundation here on Minds. I hate: banks, centralization and censorship I love: freedom, to create and nature (and a lot more things, but decided it will be cooler if they were just three to match my hate list)

Jan 2021
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