Liyin Yeo

I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator based in the suburb of Miri City in the State of Sarawak in Malaysia. I am the founder of Liyin Creative. I love fountain pens (for both writing and drawing), gardening, nature and I travel solo whenever I get a chance to escape my comfort zone. I used to be actively into film photography until iPhone 5 took over. I let go almost all of my analog photography gears last year when I moved from Kuala Lumpur city after making her my second home for the past 2 decades, back to my hometown. Now, most of my photos and videos are shot on my iPhone X. You can find me on Instagram as @liyin_yeo and @liyincreative to get to know me more. Thanks for dropping by!

Admirer of arts. Planning to use this account as a blog for art history (coming soon xD )

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Photographer, Activist and Independent Journalist - Always searching for questions Thank you everyone for all your support. And a special thanks to @chesschats @girlfawkes @TeruTeruBozuTNT @r3k4b @MerryBoomer @scotslad @GreenDeen @amazona

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Just wanna share interest about nature. "There is pleasure in the path less woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and the music in its roar; I love not Man less, but Nature more."​ Lord Byron

La primera impresión que se lleva uno de Burgos es su bellísima Catedral dominando la ciudad y su esencia: Gótica, señorial y laboriosa

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Avid music listener📼 | Cats & Dogs 🐈🐕 | flowers🌼 | rice field 🌾 | scenery 🌅 | nostalgia | Filipina 🇵🇭 “BE WHO YOU ARE & STAY AWESOME 😎” started: October 8, 2019

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