Life In The Gaps

Minarchist Film Critic and Entertainment Commentator. Mean to Hollywood 95.4% of The Time
Sci fi and horror fan, Doctor who , star wars , star trek before they went woke . Liverpool f.c . formula 1 . gta5 .rdr2 The walking dead.
Videogame Artist and Video Editor for #NerdroticDaily. Is it #FridayNightTights yet? (Biggus/Dickus)
I'm a Canadian, a former academic, an old-school liberal and I make grumpy YouTube videos.
Hello yes im that LanderL9 lol, this channel will be similar to my youtube channel however this channel will be more horror themed. There will be exclusive videos on here not featured on my youtube channel
Kaiju fan, Classic Who lover, Love quality British television from 2000 backwards
YouTuber, creater and narrator of The Script Doctors Live. What is the Script Doctors? We are a bunch of geeks that read Movie/ TV scripts live, adding our own take on the stories. Join us for a fun time, and in these days we all need to laugh!
There is not a day that goes by when I don't think about making games. Game dev, programmer, and level designer.
Nov 2016
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