I'm just a guy that enjoys life, fishing and spending time with my family. Co-Host of the Unframe of Mind show.
Just supporting my favorite people and fandoms!
I post things for 3 reasons: 1. It's pretty. 2. It make me laugh. 3. It make me think. Assume I am voicing my personal opinions at your own liability. /Articles posted do not necessarily represent the opinions of this account/
Greetings, friend! I am Sir Persevere, a nerdy knight who has much to say on the happenings in pop culture as of late.
Loving wife. Cat herder. Free thinker. GenX. I value science and sense making. ***"Don't be lasagna."*** #starwars1977 #startrektos #doctorwho #petercapaldi #xena #buffy #lobo #jaws
I have a huge passion for forgotten, overlooked, under rated and obscure films and T.V shows. "Daddy" to Bobby the mischievous and multi talented Spaniel.
Watching our new Overlords kill independent thinking one Tweet, Youtube Video, and Facebook post at a time. Morons need not apply.
Sci fi and horror fan, Doctor who , star wars , star trek before they went woke . Liverpool f.c . formula 1 . gta5 .rdr2 The walking dead.
Jan 2021
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