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I'm just a guy that enjoys life, fishing and spending time with my family. Co-Host of the Unframe of Mind show.

Just supporting my favorite people and fandoms!

I post things for 3 reasons: 1. It's pretty. 2. It make me laugh. 3. It make me think. Assume I am voicing my personal opinions at your own liability. /Articles posted do not necessarily represent the opinions of this account/

Greetings, friend! I am Sir Persevere, knight of the Hand Drawn Realm. I am here to crusade on behalf of the beautiful classic animation that has been neglected of late.

Loving wife. Cat herder. Free thinker. GenX. I value science and sense making. ***"Don't be lasagna."*** #starwars1977 #startrektos #doctorwho #petercapaldi #xena #buffy #lobo #jaws

I have a huge passion for forgotten, overlooked, under rated and obscure films and T.V shows.

Watching our new Overlords kill independent thinking one Tweet, Youtube Video, and Facebook post at a time. Morons need not apply.

Sci fi and horror fan, Doctor who , star wars , star trek before they went woke . Liverpool f.c . formula 1 . gta5 .rdr2 The walking dead.

Jan 2021
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