Hello, I am Libby from Sweden. I am a Graphics Designer.Love to do Photography, traveling etc.I like to buildup online friendship and community.
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Artist • Painter • Marbling • Mixed media ✨All artworks posted are my original handmade creations.✨ Please message for any commission artwork requests. Please subscribe to my artistic journey & thanks for the support •👁•

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Sweden, reading philosophy, intresed in politics and love litrpg books!

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Normal news is creating real news.

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"I don't want you to believe me, I want you to figure out why I believe it." ~Qst10nEth1ng~ **************************** Social Platform links are below. Coin Payments Merchant ID: 3f20a7b024b5b96a16969ab6b8c26344 ****************************** Contributors: @Katz420 @breadmoth @IncognitoFX @icliks @Incal @TheGypsyThread @Jim270 @Alpha_Furyan @delastman Thank you all, I appreciate any bit of support. There is something revolutionary going on around the world and Minds is a great window into how everyone is viewing and expressing all of it.

Finance student and accountant based in Sweden

Please Subscribe to help me help the muslim women of the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Help me stop Female Genital Mutilation in Africa, Middle East and European contries such as Germany, Sweden the UK and France. If you dont subscribe you support female genital mutilation.

stockholm 10465, Sweden
Feb 2019
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