Hello, I am Libby from Sweden. I am a Graphics Designer.Love to do Photography, traveling etc.I like to buildup online friendship and community.
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A group for everyone in the political spectrum. Freedom of speech is allowed as it is in the US. Conservative Minds is now Political Minds, although it does not mean that all of the posts here are endorsed by me. Contact me the admin @BobbyE through an email if there's someone breaking the rules. We need more admins. Spammers will be kicked out. Group members who continually cause hassle for the admin will be kicked out. Slanderers will also be kicked out and permanently banned. Please maintain a level of civil discourse.
Founded in #Gothenburg, Sweden by Henrik Palmgren in 2003, Red Ice delivers news, TV and online radio (including Red Ice Radio and Radio #3Fourteen). Based in Sweden and North America, Red Ice reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month, seeking an alternative to the mainstream, covering politics and social issues from a pro-#European perspective. Truly #independent and supported by members, Red Ice remains commercial and ad free. #REDICE #Creations #RIC #Henrik #Fredrick #Palmgren #Sweden #livestreaming #TV #news #altmedia #radio #censored #podcasts
First contested in 1851, the America’s Cup is the oldest trophy in international sport, predating the modern Olympic Games by 45 years, and is yachting’s biggest prize. NO SPAM! NO NON RELATED POSTS! Group Creator/Admin: @Thyers
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