Mycologist who specializes in psilocybin mushrooms while also actively practices cultivation of cannabis. provides interesting content, facts and topics around Cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. memeoligist on the side! *** No items for sale here, just content*** ----- Follow me ----- twitter.com/mycbud Instagram.com/mycbud
"A guru is a spiritual vessel with knowledge and wisdom from the darkness to light just like fungi"-
USMC Veteran 🇺🇸 Civilian Scientist & Mycologist👨‍🔬 I do it for the CULTURE🧫🍄 Genetics🧬 Community🕉 Healing🌎❤️ www.Mycotrophic.com
⚓USN VET 🇺🇸 🌴 SB519🌴 Chill, I'm still green behind the ears | Just a space to document this adventure | Just a looker doing some looking! 🔬🍄
Mycology ❤️ Research and scientific purposes only scientific 🧪 🧫 Spreading awareness 1 individual at a time 💜 Dm us if you do have any questions
Trip Bound Shrooms™ 🧬A Genetically Superior Mushroom🍄 (FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY)🔬 //tripbound 👈🏻 Telegram: @TripBoundShrooms
On my journey back towards Balance and happy to share what I gathered along the way 🙏 Enthusiastic Fungi Cultivator and facilitator of plant medicine 💚 All products available on www.foragerpreserves.com
Just a Mycologist trying to make his way in this world. I sell all sorts of mycology supplies just ask!
(Elf) another piece of infinity fighting censorship while feeding into the matrix.
we’re all just walking each other home
Jan 2021
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