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Swiss Libertarian
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Libertarian activist since the late 1980s. Very frustrated about how the world is turning into a fascist nightmare...

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They'll never actually become civilized. No matter what we do...

Edžus Draņķozols
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🇱🇻🐸ꑭ I'm a Latvian ultranationalist. Meme thief and fence. Member of the elite group of frogposters from ''Cozy Cafe''. CEO of ''Bigot Meme Network''. I take part in #MetalMonday and #GothThursday. Since 24.02.2022 I've begun to post on russo-ukrainian war. #russoukrainianwar You can also join one of my memberships or just throw some tokens my way. ''Sper sper Pērkoni deviņiem zibeņiem Sadedz baznīca ziliem uguņiem Nīksti dilsti sveša vara Krīti kā rudens lapa no zara.'' Skyforger - Čūsku sieviete pfp by @xpqy banner by @oree_nabisko

I'm here to expose and annoy SJWs, Feminists, BLMers, Cultural Marxists and all other social deconstructionists. After Facebook deleted my page that had over 20,000 likes, I refuse to go back and try a fourth time.

Outdoors Adventurer & Lifelong Nudist 100% Hetero 100% Constitutionalist Absolutely no porn Some posts contain simple nudity, nudist activities, or naturist activities, absolutely no pornography. "Explicit Alert" is applied to all photos containing nudity. Minds has marked this entire channel as NSFW, so you should assume everything contains nudity, which is not true.

It's your life so enjoy it!  Don't survive instead thrive! Ready, Set and Share! Don't be shy just reply. JAH is with you. You want more? Read about it.

White is a color, as such, White people are "people of color" as well. We will celebrate and share things about White folks with no apologies. Specializing in satire, other content includes entertainment, business, history and life lessons for or from White Men and White Women along with the White family. We do not support socialism, especially not in the ethno-socialist form because you should work for your keep not become dependent on handouts. We wish great things for all peoples. All users are welcome, take it as you will. Official Website: _________ KWW Group on Minds: Support our work in our official store where we accept payment through Cash App, Bitcoin, or Minds Tokens:

Research and Development Manager and Program Manager. Intelligent Transportation Systems and Automated Vehicles.

Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

Central Texas
Dec 2019
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