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Alkaloid hunting as well as saving too much money

Mike Hopkins
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I am an older gentleman now in retirement. I have paid my dues to the thieves in suits and hope that I can survive my remaining years while retaining whatever human(e)ity I have left. I don't take vaccines or meds and have not seen a Doctor in over 20 years and surprise, surprise, I am still very much alive and kicking.

A Journey Into Shadows Dark Realm Of Infinite Possibilities

🌲🌲☀️🌲🌲 Explorationist of planetary treasures. Harvester of natural resources RESPECTING THE OTHERS I SHARE SPACE WITH Hard or soft , good or bad , I'll respect everything until there is a reason not to............. OPEN HONEST HETEROSEXUAL MALE Don’t ask me a question you don’t want the answer to.

Shady character becoming tired of the echo chamber that is Twitter.

Artist - Ancient Chinese Brush and Ink (it’s not the Chinese people - it’s the CCP that wants to take us down) and Cherokee Basket Weaving My Gallery: Virtual Art Spider Gallery: Published books on genealogy and basket weaving #art #galleries #ink #cherokee #music

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