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➝ Self-Sovereignty and Spiritual-Immunity on The Path of Self-Development in Spiritual-Warfare. To be sovereign over one's self is to be free of the control or coercion of others. To truly have the freedom to direct one's own life requires an accurate assessment of conditions...See more


We have to come back to the spirit by way of the intellect. And that, you see, is the task of anthroposophy. It has no wish to do what would please many people, that is, to bring primitive conditions back to humanity-ancient Indian wisdom, for example. It is nonsense when people...See more


THE SOUL ENTERS THE FETUS AT 49 DAYS BY THE PINEAL GLAND, ACCORDING TO A SCIENTIST Dr. Rick Strassman finds fascinating coincidences between the development of the human fetus and the descriptions of the Tibetan Book of Death: does the soul enter the human body through the...See more


The Pineal Gland is more than a gland, it is a hyper-dimensional Stargate built into our human physiology which enables us to time travel, to access different realities and to reach out to our spiritual nature. It is said that this technology was once reverse- engineered by the...See more


The Template: Ceremony of Sacred Breath: Code 3 ".. in the soul covenant is a .. symbiotic code in which the human design is the sensory organ for planetary transcendence as earth is the sensory organ for human transcendence; the catalytic component that crystallises the alchemy of this divine union is Light. Light is assimilated through prana, prana is assimilated through breath .." Juliet J. Carter