Firearms Instructor. Right Wing Guy. Video Game Fan since '79! Prefers Sig Sauers over all others. Not on Gab much anymore. I get bored easily so I post a LOT of memes. #KEK #MAGA #KAG #DITTOHEAD Lifetime Member of: The American Warrior Society, CCRKBA, Georgia Carry, Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. Annual Member of: Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Firearms Policy Coalition, Judicial Watch and The Personal Defense Network. Proud Member of Rush 24/7! Until the NRA gets rid of LaPierre and the rest of the corrupt Board DO NOT JOIN THE NRA...CANCEL your Membership...DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. Under their leadership, the NRA has become a money making scheme for themselves and their families. The NRA now means (N)ot (R)eal (A)ctivists. If you live in Georgia then you need to know that the group, Georgia Gun Owners, is a fake group. They take money and members away from groups that actually fight for 2A Rights. They also claim other groups' 2A victories as their own while spreading lies about them. Much like the way the NRA is now, GGO is a money making scheme for its owner. They have done NOTHING in the fight for the 2A. They have only attacked other 2A groups and hurt our cause. Do not join them, support them or give them your hard earned money!

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God bless you all and 'Journey to Immortality'. 4th generation Australian white guy; mix of Austrian, German, English, Scottish, Irish also some Jewish and Chinese. Never married, no kids and not gay.

Divided State of America
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welcome to dystopia, brought to you by a fancy faced rugged alpha boss Visit the Planet Rebus website:

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell

Memes and Music Sharing Free Creative Commons Music for use on your videos as background Do you make your own music? Do you want to share it under Creative Commons BY 4.0 License? Contact [email protected] Natural Health Group FreeMusic Downloads Group

It's ok to be White
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I am the MemeMonger. Centrist Chad, Degenerate Memes, Crusader of the Culture War What are YOU doing in the meme war? 👌 #memes #meme #dankmemes #offensive #degenerate #culturewar #memewar #pepe #sjw #postmodernism #troll #freespeech #minds #maga #yanggang #racist #funny #jokes #nerd #safespace

Bigby Lupo
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I am a fictional character created by a bored malcontent who needed an outlet. Try not to take things too personally. I'm mostly harmless. Just a sheep in wolf's clothing.

Oct 2019
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