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A web series is everything a TV soap opera isn't: it offers new content that's both engaging and speedy. The rise of OTT platforms in our country has spawned a slew of Web series with gripping plots and funny scripts.

HATERS Are Like Street Dogs Let Dem Bark😎

Trying to spread joy by posting funny memes

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I'm just some disabled USMC Intel war veteran, who loves to make games and grow things. Homesteader. Geneticist. Freemason. Official Home of Antipode Studios! My Antipode Studios Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCro86_pCDJzrXmgqw2CR57g Don't Bother With This https://antipodestudiosnet.wordpress.com/ I don't check DM's on here. If you got something to say to me, just comment on one of my posts, or tag me.

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Welcome dear friends 🤗 we ask Allaah to embody the dead and to guide the living and to heal the sick and to forgive us our mistakes amen 🙏

Jan 2022
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