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Check out my original Mandala paintings here - Check out my funky 80's inspired paintings here - Check out my print shop and merch store here - Artist Adam Millward paints with passion and creates with the intention to expand your mind and inspire your soul! #art #artist #visionaryart #inspiration #motivation #design #Mandala #modernart #contemporaryart #psychedelic #pattern #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #artforsale #spiritual #lsd #dmt #abstractart #minds #NDE #Lightworker #Spirituality #SacredGeometry

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First Post here on #Minds 08/07/2019 "The thing with smart people is they sound crazy to dumb people" J'aime la photographie:, la musique, guitariste batteur amateur ********************* Wire me ETH to this adresse: 0x67c6804dfe410722ae718efd5e9e5d0a0d8410b2 ************************* All photographies posted here are my own property with all rights reserved © @mailoff © WALL OF FAME @josse974 @revorebellion @ayazedwight My wires Friendly Team @chesschats @PhamTriHuyenQuang @Zoraya @amazona @keffus @teruterubozuTNT @rainbowlightningwoman1 @ladyhug @Jacquesmarchal @franedbow @thehempengineer @TheTruthTimes @Kbug68 @ericola @RedDragonLS @r3k4b @delastman @MariOlsdatter @MissKitty22 @Luculent @kellymarie02 @anne_smith @LaRevolutionEstEnMarche @lcolias @Uncensored007 @mindslady777 @bizarz @angelslair @flick_the_manual @Southerndream @minibierthirdcoming @ChachiArcola @joepeeer @LittleOldLadyWho @terseyau @dmy935 @jackbleu @ladyred @MandyMoon @uponwingsofthewind @nkript @cutimy @Anonymity @astralwizardart @Esprit1st @catherinemaywarren @sandygilesbrigando @ldeglingo @Charissima @jcity @CaptTrips @isha999 @FoxFox @pleiadianstarseed @ceridwen @victoriavandini @jtnpa @chrismadzier @Jackie1Bodiou @amorvitalis @peggy2 @nerdymind @jerrykimbro CANON EOS 400D Digital 10 M pixel 1600 ISO I have 3 good lenses CANON EFS 18-55 mm CANON EF 55-200 mm SIGMA DG 70-300 mm If #Canon #camera wants to help me I could make different new #pictures: in the night, more #macrophotography, some #videos to discover the #island I also use a #Samsung A12 If Samsung wants to promote my work I will promote your Brand on my post taken with Samsung devices

ad astra per aspera 💜 👽👽👽👽👽 Japan enthusiast 👽👽👽👽👽 I like Celts 👽👽👽👽👽 I don't own any content i post here

Hello all. Photoes and sometimes covid-19 or other Good luck :) . Subscribe for subscribe X likes for this some likes (im looking for notification) (From 9.05) . Donate = designation in the description Donator: @SwittersB @kibls @AtawoRya Thanks you all !!! <3

Volim da se družim, da slikam, da uživam u prirodi.

I love nature, music, food, travel and family Ich liebe Natur, Musik, Essen, Reisen und Familie Volim prirodu, muziku, jela, putovanja i familiju Ador natura, muzica, mâncarea, călătoriile și familia

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