Character Designer/Illustrator, hope you enjoy my works! 馃悵 Commission Status: OPEN Projects Down the Pipeline: Project Sweet comic (scripting/thumbnailing) Instagram: Commission services:

Aspiring horror creator. Affiliated with @MythoverseComics. I wish you all peace and happiness.

A blog full of fun stuff; still learning new things about this site. Not too active but it ain't dead either. ------------------------------------------------------------- The TF2 Reanimated project video:

Dicebag Games
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Artist, world builder, game designer, and occasional vtuber. Currently working on Crytures, a Pokemon-inspired tabletop RPG.

3D Art, animation, video games, "cosplay", memes, industrial metal and monas chinas.

I've created a figure collection group called Cool Collectibles:

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Welcome to my art portfolio! All art you'll see here is my own. I'm a concept artist, illustrator by trade. I've done concept art for multiple indie games, books, stories, small budget movies, YouTube art and whole bunch of Teespring merch. I'm doing book covers now too. Thank you for visiting and let me know if you need anything! I'm open for commissions. NOTE: I can't follow back generic or too spicy channels, sorry. I never report anyone but spammy or radical channels might get blocked on rare occasion till some kind of "mute" function is introduced.

I write, talk about writing, and post stupid quotes and sayings I've thought up since high school. Visit for more!

World's okayest Menat main.Musician. Sometimes I make art.

An italian lady born in '97 who love creating drawings and comic books (and memes), I'm against politically correctness and cancel culture because I consider it a bunch of chains for creativity

David Baunach
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| human being | catholic priest | artist | philosopher | //// The views expressed here are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau //// I am a mandated reporter, any disclosure of abuse will be reported to the proper authorities. Flickr:[email protected]/

Freelance Illustrator and Designer. Concept, Design and Moar. I also make card games, and am somewhat apt with data wrangling. If you want to get ahold of me for work reasons, find my contact page on the website at

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Joshua Done is a Washington State Fantasy and Science Fiction author.

Mar 2021
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