Character Designer/Illustrator, hope you enjoy my works! 馃悵 Commission Status: OPEN Projects Down the Pipeline: Project Sweet comic (scripting/thumbnailing) Instagram: Commission services:

Visual development artist for animation,film and games. Website: Instagram: @nachrubel

Comic Creator of GUNSHIP THUNDERPUNCH & WILLIAM THE LAST. I've also done GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, DOCTOR WHO, and other stuff! |

I am a Christian Comic book creator. Gun Ghoul is the first of my projects to be published by Dark Legion comics. I also have other titles coming out through Dark Legion comics. If you like good comics with no PC crap in it then these are the books for you. I also have a webtoon out. Please support me through my Patreon account, buying my product on Amazon, reading my webtoon, and spreading the word. God bless. #MAGA #Movetheneedle #Comicbooks #Anime #horror #darklegion #VoxDay

Children鈥檚 illustrator, wife, mom of boys. Follows Jesus.

Creative Art Director and Character Designer

Illustrator specializing in children's books. I work with traditional media, mostly watercolor. I'm also a compulsive plant hoarder and seed shopper, and I read boatloads of books.

2D/3D Fantasy Illustrator | Concept Artist | Sculpter

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Comicbook artist/Storyboard.

Artist & Game Dev Account is Art Only God bless!

Mar 2021
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