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If we can help one person each week the world will be a better place! If I was a Rich person I would feed a lot of people ever week you say why because I care. I'm not a person to change the world but I will help people that will try to help there self! I like Lisa Haven and Anonymous on YouTube. Plus I don't won't 5G network because of the radiation from it. The military used 5G for a BIOLOGICAL weapon sound waves and it will kill people and a lot of people don't even know anything about the internet towers and internet it's self. I have been on Minds for about a year now and I love it. I have a Facebook page but not been on for some time now it's just a lot of drama and everyone talking about each other. I try to point out some things from YouTube to let others know and I would like to say thanks to everyone that has gave me a wire and Thanks to all my subscribers. May each day bring you happiness to your life and have fun be HAPPY and enjoy life be safe. Love all treat everyone with kindness because life is to short to easy to waste time on the people that don't care about life. I chose one day at a time all we can do!!
united we stand, divided we fall
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