Before I go any further, I want to get one thing straight.... Sometimes I'll think of something that is really hilarious, or I might think of a funny nickname for you, or something to that effect... I will more than likely not think that it's offensive, but you might think so... Let me say this... If EVER I say something that may be funny to me, but offensive or demeaning to you, TELL ME RIGHT AWAY! If there is one thing that I get extremely pissed about, it the fact that some people will hold their feelings back, causing them to get really angry and start to avoid you; all the while, you have no idea what's going on... Just imagine the roles being reversed.... If YOU, not your mom, not your boyfriend/girlfriend, not another secondary source, YOU and ONLY YOU say it to me **RIGHT AWAY**, more than likely I'll stop or work out a way to prevent it from happening again... Otherwise, it's your loss... Moving on, I'm not your typical black guy... Needless to say I'm more of your typical white guy... Even though I don't care about race, you should know that I don't fit into the black stereotype.... If you like it, fine... If not, I DARE YOU TO CHANGE ME... I'll warn you now you will fail... If you want to know more about NEVER be afraid to contact me...
I'm interested in cooking, space, gaming, gardening, history, interesting political discourse, and more. I'm looking forward to checking out Minds and everything it has going for it!
Liberty, Memes, God, Family, Homesteading, Charity, Homeschooling, Satire, Prepping, Arms, Humor, Natural Rights - Anti: Tyranny, Government, War, Taxes
When I tried the 30-day weight loss diet, I lost 30 days!
We work as agent. Linking people up with Sugar Mom or Dad, Sugar boy or Girl, Hookup, Escort, Long or Short term Relationship, etc.
Apr 2020
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