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🩺Registered Nurse 🩺 🏹Transformational Coach🎯 and CEO of 🧿🏵️Guardian at the Gateway🏵️🧿 Journey within, return renewed. 👉 Guiding you through the wildness of rebirth to a place of profound healing and harmony. www.GuardingGateways.com http://www.maps.org/resources/psychedelic-integration-list/angela-ward/
Most of you guys know me from my YouTube channel. #TripTeamFamily is what it’s about 🍄❤️… youtuber, mycologist, influencer is just the surface! Do Good, Be Good, Live Good 🕉 Subscribe to my YouTube channel 👉 www.YouTube.com/c/willyworld
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In support of Linux, free computer operating systems. There are many Linux OS's. They are called distributions or "distros". Each have their own vision / purpose; there's Linux for everyone. The most popular one seems to be Ubuntu from Canonical. Other top user friendly distros include: Linux Mint, Manjaro, Solus, Linux Lite, MX Linux, etc. Mastodon channel: https://bit.ly/2pEKKMT Socialhome channel: https://socialhome.network/u/linux/
alien fashion from the future. affordable and fly! psychedelic cyberpunk angel technology sprinkled with some gangster vaporwave. shawnalchemi.com for all the gear. donations encouraged and accepted via paypal.me/shawnalchemi BTC 3BNgxXMRova72F8ztwgc5EtGFPoLwP9SgN ETH 0x8e30eafD23A04FAb28c214540B09b72226aC7b92 LTC MAD8PgM45XMEzqS8rPinVyY2PsBdVYbhtB Downvotes get ya blocked.
Aug 2019
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