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Non-Partisan Anti-Establishment Anti-War Political Activist ╭—————————————————╮ - get 'big money' out of politics - shut down the corporate parties - demolish the deep state - end US imperialism ╰—————————————————╯ ╭—————————————————╮ articles: https://medium.com/@EstelaJordan ╰—————————————————╯ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Quite a nice guy for a sociopath. I'm not bizzare, I'm just from Poland :) Atheist in catholic country, realistic liberal with a twist, antifeminist and anti-stupidity to the core. I'm trying to manage my YT channel (in Polish) - youtube.com/c/Niepoprawny Looking for chance to make some stuff internationally.

Dit is het officieuze mindsaccount dat niet van ABN AMRO is. We zitten 7/24 klaar om vragen te beantwoorden & problemen op te lossen, maar ook voor al je andere zaken.

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Producing studio content for 21st century platforms. Topper: Anthony Jon Mountjoy Visit www.verboten.ca today!

Hello ! 😊 My name is mei, I am a 23 year old japanese american who loves hentai! I’m also an amateur cosplay model, so some times I post my photos here, too. ❤️ I’m still learning a lot of english, so I’m sorry I’m not perfect. 😐 Any way, I love sharing hentai, but I want to start using minds only for reminding posts and posting original work, from may 5 2018 on. I hope we have a great time on minds! 😊 Also this looks fun, I will need to check it out as it updates more: https://tapas.io/episode/844528 I’m on gab now too, so please meet me there! https://gab.ai/HentaiMistress Credit to @Coldtrojan for the lovely #mindschan back ground pic! ❤️

18+ My channel contains explicit content. Thanks for all donations last year. <3

Aug 2016
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