Human Evolution, the Truth about Demons/Parasites/Archons, and Freedom from the Matrix. Psychic Gear Drop here -> @AwakenedSoul712
I'll be your tour guide for this evening
linkpop.com/MagusFawn Magus and Lylyth Fawn are artists and musicians. We have a passion for creating visionary, psychedelic, trippy, festival art and music. Our music is a mix of the genres of Psychedelic Techno, Deep House, PsyTrance & other psychedelic electronic sounds. We have dedicated a life to self-discovery and draw our inspiration from the metaphysical and extraordinary realities of the mystical world. We create Visionary Art, Streetwear and Festival Fashion, clothes and accessories. We do live performance digital painting, virtual reality painting, and live music.
Dedicated To Everything Of Planet "X"
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Just a fan of art
I am a machinist by trade. Now I am streaming on Twitch under Yet_another_broken_ world and getting a Youtube channel started named Yet Another Broken World. Both channels are dedicated to gaming, both video and tabletop, as well as comics, anime, and manga.
Metaphysical art wears for the everyday. Communicate with love it's the universal language. Handcrafted with love by Brian Bourgea.
Jun 2015
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