Jesse Hunter

howdy y’all Jesse hunter here ! you can call me Jess or Jest if you’d like . I’m a comic savant and Movie maniac . you’ve been warned

"THE SKULL EXISTS TO PROTECT YOUR IMAGINATION!" 💀 Hello i like to draw Cool shiiiit and BOOOBIES currently living in the Mexican Underground

Here's Squid Mama. I draw things, love squids and octopi and vaporwave.

I’m just going to post memes and not say anything

Jaime Moreno-Guzman
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I’m just some author guy who’s on here to prose, show off lifts, my cigar smokes and shitposting like mad. Check out my podcast at

CHEFs #1 SIGN UP: | Award-Winning Cartoonist, Comic book writer and artist.

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Atrocious op-ed writer. World's worst journalist. Queen of cringe. Youtuber & Twitch streamer. You probably hate me. Follows =\= endorsement.

Zac T. Garmon ✝️ Max Yeehaw Comics | VA Hot Blooded and Clueless The Tomboy Guy Creator of Unbreakable Iron Ranger, Igniter Robo and To Woo a Witch

The internet superhero who will draw and make you happy! But is it a raccoon or a cat

Creative Art Director and Character Designer

Avian Doram
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Only really on Gab 2.0 anymore just to mock it. Don't have much more left to give. Find me on these sites that may or may not be better than this zealot false reporting ran place. Avie's Country: Support me here!

Jan 2021
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