Free speech advocate and drama queen. I like tech and finding excuses to not better myself.
I'm an indie game developer with a serious '80s and anime addiction.
Hi. Welcome to 30 something media. I am a comedian and political commentator who shares his videos, thoughts and opinions with the world. Enjoy my latest cartoons and occasional reviews.
They laid it upon the bed and seated minstrels round it to lead the dirge.
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Dedicated To Everything Of Planet "X"
Mao began rapping when he would use his rhyming skills to try and flirt with cute girls and pretty teachers. He could write some creative words, but his tongue wasn't able to speak his voice yet. After high school, Mao decided to try something: Mao believed he was smart. Mao went to China on a whim, learning some of the culture while trying to barter for fake Oakley's and PSP games. Mao put his love of rhyme and hip hop to practice; in order to better teach the language, he recorded and critiqued and improved his craft, while always embracing who he was, "Mickey". Upon returning home, Mao completed his degree in Arts Education. Since then, Mao has been speaking the truth and sniffing out bullshit.
26/male. Deep, fervent passion for skeletons and skull-like things. Artist/musician. YouTube: Twitter: My music: TikTok: Support via donation: Crypto: Ethereum: 0x745B3E7A00607Ed2c1D7A0e87179D77c0A399E2c
Mother. Wife. Writer. Degenerate. Working-class MILF. Frequently posts NSFW content, so 18+. If you don't wanna see a lot of yaoi, don't follow me. XD Header art is NOT my work. Message me if you want the name of the artist I commissioned for it.
#individualist #independent l support individual rights and a government that limits itself to securing these rights. Aristotle over Plato. #educator committed to helping parents, students and other educators create individualized education free from pseudo-reality's "woke" cult indoctrination and statist influence.
Dec 2017
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