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In short, Into The Darkness (ITD) is an independent comic series that we're looking to self-publish in the next twelve months. What it's about...well, that's a different answer. ITD is a blend of genres (action, superheroes, undead, character drama) and covers a variety of topics that have interested us outside of the standard Good vs. Evil tropes. So many works of fiction only cover that divide, or the divide within one's self to overcome and succeed as a result. We wanted to cover other things as well: Fact vs. Fiction, Destiny vs. Free Will, and so many more. But if this kind of deep retrospective puts you off, we promise there's also a lot of love for martial arts brawls, angry dead things, explosions, gunfire and witty dialogue to look forward to as well! Much like the real world, you'll find very little clear-cut good and evil here...real people aren't usually that clearly defined. Rarely do we find villains in real life that don't believe that they are somehow the hero of their story. Rarely do we find heroes who are without fault and always do the right thing. Even the best of us are fallible, prone to poor judgment, fatally know, HUMAN. We've tried to create characters that are fallible and that you can relate to &emdash; super powers or not. We're still parsing out what information to share here and finding the balance between giving you guys content and giving too much of the book away. In the end, what we're really hoping is that you'll give us a chance to tell you this story we've been working on for years and, if we're lucky, that you'll come to care about it as much as we have.
Artist working in Pen & Ink, both analog and digital.----
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Here's Squid Mama. I draw things, love squids and octopi and vaporwave.
Progressing artist. hope to use my imagination when my art skills improve. currently makes illustrations but would want to get into digital art. Someone who is thoughtful about others and the world.
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