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When you don’t learn from history, it’s bound to repeat itself inspire today!! Aspire tomorrow

A petroleum Engineer which is hoping to learn at all time to achieve being a well seasoned Engineer

Inspirational quotes and sayings from amazing people about life, love, friendship, happiness, confidence, time passing & more. Favorite: Freedom is responsibility, that is why most people would rather slave around than take control of their lives, inorder to enjoy the accompanying benefits. Be inspired!!!

Assisting in the management of social media accounts. Creation of creative social media content for clients. following social media trends and participating in in-agency trainings ↗️💡📚

Christian. Family man. Friend. Patriot. Neighbor. Carpenter. Gardener. Hunter. Author. Business Owner. Jack of All Trades, master of few. Immortal spirit embodied in flesh...for now. Fighting the New World Order and Satanic anti-human agenda every chance I get. I would die defending our God given rights to say what we think without filters, defend ourselves and our loved ones as well as our property, and our rights to be the kings and queens of our own castles without government interference or overreach. Natural Law supercedes all man made law. Taxation without representation is theft. Glory be to the Almighty, blessed be mankind forevermore. We are in this world, not of it. All is One. Life creates life. The meaning of life is emotion. The shared experience of this 3rd dimension is to know there is more that we don't understand.

Writer, Ball player, Lover of music, freelance photographer, Lover of nature.

Anyebe Peter
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May 2021
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